Best Multi Charger for Smartphones

Almost everyone today has at least four or five devices and to plug each and every one for charging is not easy and people have to use multiple chargers each time or if they have one charger then they have to wait for each device to get some charge and then charge other device.

We bring some of the chargers available today for you guys so that you can plug multiple devices in one go.

Portronics UFO Home Charger 48 Watts  Charging Station

Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Charging Station

This is a UFO type home charger with 6 USB ports to charge your devices. The maximum current which it can provide is 8 Amps which means that if you connect 6 devices each will get around 1A charging current and will get eventually charged accordingly.

You can charge your tablets, smartphones and cameras that require 5V power from USB.

Price : Portronics UFO Charger is priced around Rs 700 on Amazon

DMG 15.5W 3.1A 4-Port USB Wall Charger 

DMG 15.5W 3.1A 4-Port USB Wall Charger Portable Travel Adapter for Apple iPhone/Samsung Mobiles/Android Tablets/Smartphones

This is DWG Wall charger which comes with 4 USB ports which you can use to charge 4 devices at one go. You can get a maximum of 15 Watts power from this charger which means that if you use all four ports at one time you will be able to charge only smartphones that require less power.

If your device requires 2Amps or more then you would have to plug in the device alone.

Price : DWG Wall charger is priced at Rs 480 



This is a desk charger which comes with four usb ports which you can use to charge your devices. Three USB ports give maximum power of 1Amp while one port gives 2Amps power which can be used to power tablets while others can be used to power smartphones or cameras.

It also gives you an option of adding another wall charger by giving you a 220 Volt AC extension.

Price : Zook Desk Charger is priced at Rs 699

LDNIO Desk USB Charger

LDNIO A6573 5.4 Amp 6 Port USB Charger

This is LDNIO desk charger which comes with 6 USB ports and auto sensing technology to power your tablets , smartphones and cameras.

The maximum power output of this desk charger is 5.4 Amps and it auto adjusts with the devices.

Price : LDNIO desk charger’s price is Rs 750

There are certainly many other chargers which may be better than above mentioned chargers, and on different platforms other than Amazon. We may also see that in near future mobile phone companies might also remove option of chargers to reduce some costs as well.

So, we would love to know which one of the multi-charger do you own and which one of the above will you buy ?

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