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The cost of professional DJ equipment is too high for the aspiring DJ. So Hercules created the with an external 24-bit 5.1 soundcard and turntable with loads offeatures, all powered by a single USB 1.1 cable. Installation is not a problem-just plug the device in, load the drivers, install the software and you’re good to go.

First, the positive aspects. Aside from looking really cool, the DJ Console is very portable because of its carrying strap and protective cover. The bundled software, such as Virtual DJ, is excellent, and has been specifically designed for the Console. Each software has its own interface and features; Storm 2.0 DJ Edition has an advanced interface with lots of control options while OtsDJ has a simpler interface, which is subsequently easier to use. We counted 800 sound clips on the CD to start you off with. The manual is just satisfactory- it has approximately four pages of information on DJing techniques as well as information on how to perform things such as loops, cues, and scratches on the DJ Console. It could have given a little more assistance on the software provided, as going through the individual guides can get frustrating. But once accustomed to it, working the DJ Console is a breeze.

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