Track Jack

The futuristic looking picture on this page is of the Logitech Quickcam Sphere, also known as the Quickcam Orbit in the US and European markets. Its aim? To stand ta lion your desktop and track your face as and when you move it.

With the Internet continuing to spread its web to even some of the most remote places on God’s earth, videoconferencing, chatting, and staying in touch is passe. What’s cool now is to be able to see the person you are chatting with! Which explains the popularity of webcams.

The choice that manufacturers offer in this product category is interesting because here it’s not about how fast the device is, but rather, how good the image quality is and how the product looks-it’s about style and flaunt value. Speaking of visual appeal, it’s hard to beat the Logitech Quickcam Sphere in that department.

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